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Plusmail: User Manager (adding mail accounts)
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 11 November 2005 03:04 AM

PLUSMAIL Web Control: User Manager

Choose USER MANAGER from the main menu and you will be brought to the above screen.

This is where you'll add an email POP box login. If your account allows it, or you have purchased additional ones, you can also add shell or FTP logins from the same screen.

If the server responds with the message that the login name you have chosen is already in use on the server, please choose another name.

Duplicate means already taken on the server, not necessarily dupes for your domain.

In the following example, we will use the name of josh as a desired POP that is already taken:

Since the POP3 uses a login entry, and each Linux/Unix server cannot have duplicate login names, we suggest that you do not request popular names that are already taken, such as sales, info, webmaster or support. You could request something like josh1 as a user login and place an entry in the email forwarding configuration so that all incoming mail to josh would go to the josh1 POP3 box. There is no guarantee that the POP name you desire is available and many people have already specified their names, i.e, John, Bob, Cathy, etc.

This is for login purposes only. You can still configure your mail program to have TO/FROM/REPLY TO addresses as you desire and use the email forwarding feature so all incoming mail to those names gets to the POP. In fact, no one other than the josh1 user would know the real name of the POP box. It is invisible to people that send and receive mail to/from it.

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