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Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 11 November 2005 03:09 AM

PLUSMAIL Web Control: Autoresponders

An autoresponder is a pre-determined message with information you want automatically sent to anyone who emails a designated email address/alias (not a pop account) at your domain. When an email is sent to a mailbox that you have assigned an autorespond message to, the autoresponder automatically sends a reply. You can easily create an autoresponder with the WebControl System provided with your domain.

To set-up an autoresponder:

  • Put the email address you would like to have an autoresponder come from in the "Email Address" field.
  • Create the message you would like people to receive when they email you.
  • Click "Add Autoresponder". You can always edit, view, or delete them later.
  • Send an email to that address to make sure it works!

How do I see who is using my infobots?

Assume your autoresponder address is
Just put the following line in your email forwarding entries.


The original email message will be sent to you at, and the
original sender will get the infobot text.

Important Notes:

Please be sure to setup the autoresponder before doing the email forwarding entry or the infobot will not work.

At this time, if you do not have a default entry in your email forwarding, the autoresponder sends out the message as "Nobody"

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