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Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 11 November 2005 03:14 AM

PLUSMAIL Web Control: Free Scripts

There are numerous free CGI scripts included with each account. Since these features require disk space, they are not installed by default. However, we have made installation of these features very easy. Simply check off the features you wish to add to your account, and click Install Scripts. Then, follow the individual instructions for each script.

Script Setup URLs

Once you install a script from the list above, you will need to configure it for your web site. Below are the URLs at which you will find the set-up functions. Please note that in each one, you will need to replace with your own domain name.

That's An Order: http://your-domain/lto.htm
(click here for additional instructions & link to DEMO)

Visitor Pro Guestbook: http://your-domain/vbpro/docs
(click here for additional instructions & link to DEMO)

Multi User Forums: http://your-domain/forums/cgi-s/
(click here for additional instructions & link to DEMO)

Pro Links Page: http://your-domain/links/manual.htm
(We offer it if you choose to install it using PlusMail but these Free Links Pages tend to get filled up with unsolicited commercial advertising and lots of junk listings. If you want to offer a LINKS page, I suggest you create a list of interesting and relevant links of your choosing.)

Postcards: http://your-domain/cards
(click here for additional instructions)

Vote Script: http://your-domain/pollit
(click here for additional instructions)

Quiz Master: http://your-domain/quiz
(click here for additional instructions)

SFE Page Search: http://your-domain/search/instruct.htm
(additional instructions coming soon)

PHP4: This script does not need to be set-up once it is installed.
(click here for additional instructions)

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