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Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 11 November 2005 03:24 AM

Using SSH (secure shell)

Shell access is available only via SSH (not Telnet for security reasons)

SSH client PuTTY is available for download as freeware:

To connect using Putty please make sure that your settings are correctly entered. When you open putty, make sure you have SSH selected and on the left hand side towards the bottom click on "SSH." Make sure that under "Preferred SSH protocol version" option 2 is selected. Also, make sure that "3DES" under Encryption cipher selection policy is at the very top. You can move it up by selecting it and then clicking up.

cPanel servers are NOT using default port 22. Please contact us for the correct port.

Additional Resources:

Here is an outside link that will give you more info about SSH than you could ever want to know: SSH (Secure Shell) FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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