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Minimizing SPAM (Overview)
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 10 November 2005 09:44 PM

There are several methods one can use in attempt to minimize spam.

The BEST choice at this time is SpamAssassin. It is the leading open source spam-fighting tool, that is flexible, powerful, highly-regarded, and remarkably effective. Please review our SpamAssassin Help page for full details.

In efforts to reduce spam, it is preferable to NOT USE a default entry in your email forwarding file. To prevent yourself from receiving randomly addressed emails, follow these instructions: Log in at plusmail and removing the default entry in email forwarding. You then list all the email addresses you consider valid / wish to receive mail at for your domain.This will greatly reduce randomly addresses emails which are nearly ALWAYS spam by deleting them entirely. Alternately, instead of just removing the default, you can point the default to unknown_user, this will make incoming messages bounce back, whereas removing the default line simply deletes the email without notifying the sender.

We offer filters that you can turn ON or OFF using Plusmail. Please review that HELP document directly. They utilize the major spam blacklists for filtering.

You can create, edit and install a .procmailrc file that contains simple or complex "recipes" for preprocessing your mail. This provides the greatest control for the user because it can be customized easily. Please see the step-by-step instructions at

Most all email programs nowadays offer a filter system that will process and/or delete mail once you have downloaded it. See your program's documentation for how to use this method.

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