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SpamAssassin (BEST METHOD)
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 10 November 2005 09:46 PM

Spam Assassin is installed on all servers. It is one of the leading products used to prevent and filter unwanted email. You can find more details on this open source product at

(NOTE: SquirrelMail = Webmail when used in this document below)

The URL to access your webmail program is at http://INSERT-YOUR-FULL-DOMAIN-NAME-HERE/webmail. You would use the same username and password combination in which you normally use when retrieving your email for this program.

Spam Assassin is installed server wide, and needs to be configured for each of your POP mailboxes. It is configurable through a user-friendly menu in the web based email program SquirrelMail. You can easily change the SpamAssassin settings under the "OPTIONS" -> "Spam Filter Configuration" area.

CLICK ON OPTIONS to get to the choices seen below.
(They may vary slightly at your domain)



  1. Log in at your domain's /webmail page
  2. Then, choose OPTIONS link from the top list of choices.
  3. Next, choose Spam Filter Configuration
  4. Under "General Settings"
  5. Choose Spam Score: recommended = 5
  6. Choose Rewrite Subject Line (click to check the box. It should then display as marked with an X)
  7. Choose a Spam Subject Tag (Such as ****SPAM***** ....... the text to prefix to the subject of messages determined to be spam).
  8. Decide "Where to send Spam" (INBOX or SPAM FOLDER?)
  9. Finally, press UPDATE SETTINGS

Many people do not use web-based email, but rather Outlook, Eudora, or a similar email program. SpamAssassin will still work great for you, but you need to change the settings of SpamAssassin through the SquirrelMail interface and then continue to use the same email program you are using now.


Try the APACHE docs site or get the SpamAssassin book at AMAZON.COM

"Sys admins can field scores of complaints and spend months testing software suites that turn out to be too aggressive, too passive, or too complicated to setup only to discover that SpamAssassin (SA), the leading open source spam-fighting tool, is free, flexible, powerful, highly-regarded, and remarkably effective. The drawback? Until now, it was SpamAssassin's lack of published documentation. This clear, concise new guide provides the expertise you need to take back your inbox."

"Detailed, accurate and informative--recommended for spam-filtering beginners and experts alike." --Justin Mason, SpamAssassin development team

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