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Managing Mail, Best Practices (cPanel)
Posted by - NA - on 05 October 2006 06:27 PM
Recommended email management. Follow steps in order given.

Log in to cPanel and choose MAIL to enter the Mail Manager Main Menu.

Choose Add/Remove/Manage Accounts and you will be in Mail Account Maintenance mode. Click Add Account for the Add Mail Account interface.

Enter account name and choose appropriate domain name if applicable and enter a password. You may also change the quota if you wish.

Click the CREATE button and a response like this should be returned:

Account Created

The e-mail account zippy@yourdomain with the login zippy+yourdomain and password xyZ123Be with a quota of x (10) Megabytes was successfully created.

Added note:
Be sure to enable SMTP Authentication in your E-mail client or you may not be able to send mail. If your e-mail client has trouble using a @ sign in the login, you can use +, :, or % sign instead.

Click GO BACK to return to Mail Manager Main Menu.

Choose Forwarders for Forwarding Maintenance mode. Click Add Forwarder for the Add a New Forwarder interface.

Enter the forwarder in the left box, choose appropriate domain name if applicable and then enter a valid mail account name in the right box. If the forwarder (for example, meemee) is going to an account on this same domain server, enter the login name only and not the domain name as well. For example, enter zippy and press Add Forwarder.

You will receive a response such as this:

All email sent to meemee@yourdomain will now be redirected to zippy.

Continue same Add Forwarder procedure for each and every email address for your domain name that you wish to receive email at.

A forwarder can also send mail to an offsite address, such as your ISP account. You can have more than one forwarding address for a name. For example, you might send a copy of orders to your local mailbox AND a copy to your gmail account.

The Forwarding Maintenance page will give you a full list of your current Forwarders

Next and very important is to remove the default address. This one step is crucial for greatly reducing your incoming spam. If you leave a default address in place, you will get all randomly addressed mail which is always spam.

You will see a prompt that reads, "If you wish to set your default address or "catch-all", please click here to be taken to the Default Address setup page." You can also navigate directly there from the Mail Manager Main Menu.

You will see this statement:
"You can enter :blackhole: to discard all incoming unrouted mail or :fail: no such address here to bounce it. If you wish to send to multiple address, please separate them with a comma (,)"

Change current entry to :fail: no such address here and click change.

Please do NOT use blackhole as fail is what's needed to help block dictionary attacks on the mail server.

IMPORTANT NOTE ** If you try to forward mail to the main login, you are likely to get bounce messages once the fail statement goes into place for the default address!! This is why we have you setup an alternate account in the first step.

Please discontinue using default or catchall addresses altogether. One, they greatly impact the amount of spam you will receive and it is also important to note that relaying spam off server to another account leaves our servers vulnerable for placement into a blacklist, because although the spam did not originate from our server(s), the receiving server cannot distinguish the difference. Being blacklisted is a great inconvenience for all users of a shared server.

If you need help setting up your email program to check your mail, please let us know.
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