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Managing Mail, Best Practices (PlusMail)
Posted by - NA - on 05 October 2006 06:44 PM
Recommended email management. Follow steps in order given.

Log in to your Plusmail Panel and choose USER MANAGER.

Choose Add User and you will be placed into the Add Virtual User interface.

For creating a mailbox, choose a username, make type = POP and create a password. Click Setup button to continue. (Ignore the directory box)

You will receive one of 2 possible responses.

One possibility is, "Your request to add a POP account is being processed. Please check back in 15 minutes."

or if the server responds with the message that the login name you have chosen is already in use on the server, please choose another name.

Duplicate means already taken on the entire server, not necessarily dupes for your domain.

In the following example, we will use the name of josh as a desired POP that is already taken:

Since the POP3 uses a login entry, and each Linux/Unix server cannot have duplicate login names, we suggest that you do not request popular names that are already taken, such as sales, info, webmaster or support. You could request something like josh1 as a user login and place an entry in email forwarding so that all incoming mail to josh would go to the josh1 POP3 box. There is no guarantee that the POP name you desire is available and many people have already specified their names, i.e, John, Bob, Cathy, etc.

This is for login purposes only. You can still configure your mail program to have TO/FROM/REPLY TO addresses as you desire and use the email forwarding feature so all incoming mail to those names gets to the POP. In fact, no one other than the josh1 user would know the real name of the POP box. It is invisible to people that send and receive mail to/from it.

Once you have successfully created one or more mailboxes, choose EMAIL FORWARDING from the left hand menu.

The most important step is to remove the default address if one is listed. This one step is crucial for greatly reducing your incoming spam. If you leave a default address in place, you will get all randomly addressed mail which is always spam. (mail such as xBeRe773@yourdomain)

Now, you will need to add each and all addresses you do indeed wish to receive mail at. Examples include "your name", "webmaster," "sales," "info" etc.

The email address you wish to get mail for goes in the left box. In this example, we will create a forwarder called sales and send it to your new mailbox (pretend new box name = skippy).

Enter sales in the left box and enter skippy@mydomain (include .com) into the right box.

Click Add/Edit Redirects to save your changes. You can also press this button to insert additional limes for forwarding as needed.

Now, all mail sent to sales will be processed into your new mailbox. Several addresses can all be funneled into a single box if you wish. We call this email forwarding, even if the mail is really just processing into one of your domain mailboxes and not forwarding offserver.

A forwarder can also send mail to an offsite address, such as your ISP account. You can have more than one forwarding address for a name. For example, you might send a copy of orders to your local mailbox AND a copy to your gmail account. To do this, enter sales in the left box and enter skippy@mydomain (include .com) into the right box and then in the next right side box, enter yourotheraddress@isp or, etc.

Click Add/Edit Redirects to save your changes. Now, one copy will go into the new mailbox AND an additional copy will go to where you sent it.

Please discontinue using default or catchall addresses altogether. One, they greatly impact the amount of spam you will receive and it is also important to note that relaying spam off server to another account leaves our servers vulnerable for placement into a blacklist, because although the spam did not originate from our server(s), the receiving server cannot distinguish the difference. Being blacklisted is a great inconvenience for all users of a shared server.

If you need help setting up your email program to check your mail, please let us know.

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