Use .procmailrc for SUBJECT line spam deleting
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 10 November 2005 10:23 PM

This will discuss using a .procmailrc file to filter spam
based on words found in the SUBJECT line of incoming emails.

Some of the words contained in this document may be offensive to you,
but are commonly used in spam. We apologize for the language contained herein.

Here is a simple spam fighting method that works separately from any other spam
filters that may be in use at your domain.

That said, please note that we will not write, correct or troubleshoot .procmailrc
recipes (as they are known) for you. This one below will work if you use it exactly
as detailed. You are certainly welcome to modify it as you wish to delete and/or
add words of your choosing. It is very important that you carefully review the
words below to ensure that desired mail aren't deleted accidentally by the filter.

Take note that the sender does not receive notice that their mail was rejected.

Procmail (and the .procmailrc recipe) are very powerful tools and advanced users
can configure them extensively to work with scripts and/or filter spam using more
complex searching on the address, email body text, etc. We are making this simple
one available for those of you that wish to try it and have a little more control
over incoming spam. This is a SHORTENED list of a client's in-use recipe that
searches on keywords that could be found in the SUBJECT line of incoming
emails and then deletes the mail if there's a match.

*Please note that the
"* ^Subject:.*(accept credit cards|adult listing|etc etc"
line should be one continuous uncut line*

* ^Subject:.*(babes|bangin|cialis|ejaculation|manhood|


Please open a ticket at and include your domain name
and the mailbox username. Provide a copy of your chosen recipe
and we will put it into place for each user you specify.

The filter will start working instantaneously.

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