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I have trouble sending mail.
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 31 January 2007 01:10 AM
We have noticed an increase in complaints regarding problems with sending emails. The cause is generally the same and the fix is easy. Most ISPs have some level of off site port 25 restrictions. This is the port used on most servers for sending mail. The ISPs instituted this policy in effort to minimize spam routed through their networks, because even though your SMTP setting might be set to your domain name which we host, your ORIGINATING location is still involved in providing the connection.

The fix is to replace your domain name from the outgoing SMTP setting in your mail program with your ISPs preferred SMTP server (for

This issue is discussed in greater detail at,1.

A companion complaint is, "Why can't I send mail to XYZ?.......I got a message back that states "REFUSED -- see"
First, let me say WE DO NOT FILTER OUTGOING MAILS. The above complaint means that the intended recipient of your mails is filtering incoming mails using the well known and respected spamhaus blacklist filter. Secondly, out of all the recent complaints of this type, the IP given is not from our network, it is from the complaining client's ISP location. To verify this, take the IP# given in the error message and replace #.#.#.# in the following URL and press enter You will need to contact your ISP about getting removed from spamhaus, but in the meantime you can successfully send mail to that recipient using webmail, because as mentioned above it will bypass your ISP routing when sending.
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