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My Mails are Gone? (.gz files)
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 11 November 2005 01:46 AM

OCT 2008 - **REVISION** gz mails no longer being created by server, as of 10/31/08


These are two of the most popular questions we get:

A) I found a file in my home directory that looks like this, is it?
B) Help! My mails disappeared!

Likely, the same issue applies to both.

Most mailboxes on our older servers start at 10 Mb storage each. We are glad to adjust this higher if you wish. This text assumes a 10 Mb box, although you may indeed have a higher emails storage allotment.

The mail system first sends warning emails to the pop user if/when they hit 8mb mail storage in the box and continues to send a daily warning email until the box exceeds 10 Mb.

Often these mails are in forgotten and unread boxes or have already been read but not deleted afterwards. It would be good to check. You should consider removing the default line in email forwarding if the above boxes are 100% junk mail.

If you find a gz file that you wish to have restored into a webmail folder for managing, please ask us to restore it for you. First, log in to your account using FTP and identify the .gz file name in the home directory so we know what file we need to unzip. We will contact you when we have finished processing the unzip process.

Proceed to access your webmail at

Choose FOLDERS and then SUBSCRIBE to the "" folder we created. You will then be able to refresh the left hand menu to view the folder/files.


Some prevention tips:

If you primarily use webmail to read and manage mails, create additional folders and move mails out of the INBOX and into the folders. This will keep the inbox clear for additional new incoming mails. There is only one inbox - whether you use webmail or a desktop mail program - and you will want to keep it clean once you have read or downloaded mails. You should not store mails in the online inbox.

If you also use a regular email client such as Outlook or Eudora, move any messages that you want to download back to the INBOX and mark them as unread. Close webmail and then retrieve the mails using your "regular" program.

If you use an email client such as Outlook or Eudora, make sure to configure the program to delete mails off the server, either after being read (downloaded into your local computer) or after x days (2? 3?).

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