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Change in using gz files (Oct 2008)
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 31 October 2008 03:56 AM
At client requests, we are disabling the method that would compress/zip your mailbox (inbox) into a gz file so that new mails can be received. This was an advantage because if your mailbox was full, the computer would clear it and bundle the mails into a gz file and then allow the inbox to receive more mails. However, it was not so easy for clients to manage the gz file or they were unaware of it completely. So, now in cases where your mailbox is full, a bounce message will return to sender with a "quota exceeded while writing" message.

It is especially necessary to delete mails off the server once you have read them or downloaded them. If you use webmail, move inbox mails into another file so that new mails can be received.

Please contact us if you need larger mailbox storage and tell us the mailbox name. We are happy to make your mailbox larger at no additional cost. (Mailbox storage is included in your overall disk storage.)
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