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Sending mail to AOL addresses.
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 13 January 2009 08:17 PM
AOL is quick to block sending servers if it perceives spam arriving from them. One common cause is sending opt-in mail that the recipient has forgotten they requested or in no longer timely to them and they in turn report it as spam within their AOL mail program. If you send out ANY mailing lists that include AOL users, please review the compliance guidelines at and see their "best practices" document at You may need to modify your message to be in compliance. (including an opt-out link AND your physical address for starters)

Another problem is if you FORWARD any of your domain mail to AOL, which will certainly include some spam and you then report it as spam - you are directly causing AOL to punish your own server as a spam sending server, even though it was not the originating server but was the last server to process the mail and send it on to the AOL address.

BEST PRACTICE: Either do NOT forward your mail to an AOL address OR be sure to not use the "REPORT SPAM" function at AOL if you do.
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