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PLUSMAIL Web Control (web-based)

Each account is provided with an easy to navigate web interface that allows you to control and manage many functions of your web site right over the Internet through any web browser.

LOGIN:To log into your Web Control System, go to You will need to use your username and password. Enter this information into the boxes, and click "Login".

**If at any time you experience "login incorrect" errors or you forget the password for the plusmail web based control panel, LOGIN to your account via FTPÂ and DELETE the PlusMail_Pass file in your /home directory. You will then be able to go back to the browser page and log in. Press for a clean reload/refresh or clear your cache first.

You will then see the main page of the System, which looks like:

Site Name: This is the name of your web site, and is the same as your registered domain name.

Site Administrator Username: You will need a user name to access or "connect" to our computers. Just like your site name, your user name will be unique from everyone else on the server.

Disk Used: This is how much disk space you have used.

Server Names: Each web site is set-up on a specific server. This section tells you the name of the server your site is on.

  • Web: tells you the name used to reach your site through a browser window.
  • Secure: tells you what server name to use when calling the secure server (a secure form, for example).


On the left side of the screen you will see the menu navigation bar which will be discussed later in more detail. It looks like this:


Once you are finished working in the WebControl System, you should log out of the System by clicking on this button. Logging out will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account.

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