Norton Safe Web (green check on search results?)
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 02 November 2010 06:46 PM

Many web surfers use site safety results when searching for websites. These users will see a green check mark next to those sites that have been reviewed and approved by Norton/Symantecs Safe Web program.

Start at and test your site. If the response is, [This site has not been tested yet] look for the [Site Owner? Click here] link. The process to submit a site for review is outlined at:

You will need a free Norton account to add your site for review. Sign up as needed. Once logged in, choose the [site dispute] tab and click ADD SITE. A pop-up dialog box will appear;

Select the protocol (http or https), then type your Web site's URL.
For example:

And click SUBMIT.

The site will then be added into your Norton account list and you will receive a confirmation email, subject = [Norton Safe Web] You have initiated registration as the owner of a Web site.

To submit the Web site for ownership verification, log on to Norton Safe Web, click [my profile] to open the user profile page and then click [site dispute] and under Actions column, click verify site ownership. To verify your site ownership, you can either add a meta tag to your home page, or upload an HTML verification file to your site.

Once you have completed one of these tasks, click the [Verify Now] button. Your site should now state, [ownership verified] and you can now finally click the [Rate my site] option in the Actions column.

All set. Now you just have to wait for them to process the review request and you should now be verified green.

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