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FINAL! PHP 5.6 no longer supported
Posted by SITEWORKS SYS on 31 August 2019 03:12 PM


Due to mandatory cPanel changes we will be migrating current cPanel clients to CentOs 7 servers in the next few days.  With this change, the PHP upgrades that started in August will be fully completed. Php 5.6 will no longer be available on shared servers and will only be available to VPS accounts so that the security risks and vulnerabilities are limited to that account only. Contact us by ticket if you need further discussion.


AUGUST 29, 2019:

The PHP Upgrade had been announced ahead of time in all cPanel dashboards and then again updated upon completion. The 5.6x version went end-of-life (EOL) 8 months ago and therefore no longer received security updates. We left the unsupported version in use for as  long as possible, but we have to make decisions that are good for SHARED SERVERS overall. If you need to use older versions, please contact us for a quote to be on your own virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server - where you and/or your clients have control of the versions and resources.

Nearly all problems we have seen for clients after the PHP upgrade have to do with outdated wordpress themes or plugins - especially noting that revslider is a popular one that users left un-updated. Rename revslider in the plugins directory if needed, until you can handle it properly.

If you have deprecated PHP coding problems, start by looking in your error_log - generally in your www directory OR in your wordpress install directory, if non default.

If you can login to your Wordpress dashboard, UPDATE themes and plugins as needed. SOME themes such as Btheme that are quite outdated do not show an upgrade path because they are so old. Example, current version 21.3.4 - August 26, 2019 and you'll need to upgrade it manually.

You are welcome to open a ticket and we will try to help with cursory troubleshooting.



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