UPDATE - please register for this new client portal.

  • Friday, 15th January, 2021
  • 21:48pm

Sorry about that! There was no way to migrate username and password data from the old ticket desk to this new one. Please register to continue with full functionality and ability to review 2021 invoices and change your billing details. To reset your password you can use the function at Lost Password Reset - SITEWORKS Hosting Network LLC but note it only has a 60 minute window before the link expires and you'd need to redo the request.

If you prefer, please request a new password from tech support directly Submit Ticket - SITEWORKS Hosting Network LLC 

...and if absolutely, genuinely frustrated with getting started at the new desk - please contact Kaitlyn directly by email kaitlyn@siteworks.com & please use subject = "client portal help" so it will be filtered correctly.

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